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The Skill Sets Series – Part 2: Service

The Skill Sets Series – Part 2: Service
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In Part 1, I shared the Skill Set of Love. In Part 2, I will share the
Skill Set of Service.

To me, service is the act of being able to see the needs of others and
to work to meet those needs. It can be through a simple prayer. It
can be taking the time to lay hands on someone in the line at the
grocery store so that they are healed. It can be giving comfort over
a cup of coffee or a meal to the hungry.
When we serve the Lord in combat we do whatever it takes to drive out darkness. In other words, we serve others by liberating them from the
darkness occupying in their lives. Then we move on to the next and keep on going until the whole land is liberated. But to occupy the land we must put boots on the ground.

As our Commander in Chief, God gives us the power and authority to
bring the full might of the armies of Heaven on the field of battle
and to drive out the enemy. Therefore, as His soldiers we must develop
the skills of service and use them to liberate and occupy kingdoms.

Jesus came to serve us and based on His example the act of serving
others is used to drive out darkness and bring liberty. Darkness no
longer has possession because light has come. Therefore, we are
called to combat darkness in every land, until every heart is taken,
and every enemy is His footstool. We fight whenever we confront the
enemy. We are ready for battle.

I believe the Lord is saying, "I'm getting you ready for battle. Get
in My Book. Listen for My orders. All power and authority will be at your beck and call when you face the enemy. Liberate the land for this
people. Do it through good works of service. Let your good works so shine before men that it glorifies the Father. Serve everyone as I show you their needs and I will give you the power to liberate them from darkness until My light, My revelation and My knowledge cover the world as the waters cover the sea.” Lord, make us true service people
in your service, true servant leaders just as you wanted us to be, in

Jesus name. Amen.

Dr. Tim Hamon