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        • The theme "Forge" is what we are all going through right now.  Forge: move ahead with increased speed. Come and be equipped and empowered so you can finish His work in a burst of dunamis energy.

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        • We invite you to attend our Impact Meetings. Held on the first Wednesday night of every month. Held at Forever House, Coopers Plains, Brisbane.

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Greg & Julie Bailey

Hearing God's Voice
9 – 11 Aug 2018


Australian Apostles Prophets Greg and Julie Bailey 

Provide Apostolic Prophetic Meetings, Conferences and Courses in Australia and New Zealand.

These events will activate you into using your prophetic gift, giving you more confidence, clarity and accuracy when Hearing God's Voice.


So You Think Your Family Is Messed Up

There are so many messed-up families around today. This is a story of how a broken family produced broken children, how life piled on disappointments and even more pain and yet how all that dysfunction was turned around because someone decided "enough is enough." In that determination and reaching out to God for answers, entire families and generations could experience a better life and a more fulfilling future. It is a message of hope that no matter how bad things are a person's life, family and destiny anyone can experience this miracle of transformation, freedom and joy. If you are in a similar situation you will find keys to bring release and freedom, keys to give you hope and future.

Prophets Greg & Julie Bailey

Prophets Greg & Julie Bailey

Based in Brisbane Australia, they are the Senior Ministers of Eaglenet Ministries and Forever House. Ordained by Bishop Bill Hamon in 1997 and serving on the Board of Governors of Christian International Global Network qualifies them for whatever works God calls them into.

Impact Meeting Brisbane

Prophetic Training

Learn to seek the Lord and to flow in the Prophetic through demonstrations and activations. Hearing Gods Voice Level 1 & 2 courses are held in Australia and New Zealand.

Prophetic Library

Prophetic Resource Library

An Exclusive Benefit For Partners!
If you feel your calling to the prophetic don't get left behind.  Join Now


Partnership Hands

Partner with us

CI Ministers Orination

CI Ministers directory

Great Opportunity

I feel grateful to be here and learn from such experience.


God's Timing

When God does something in your life we need to give praise and thanks. Well Jenny and I have to give praise and thanks. We felt strongly drawn to ensure that we were in Brisbane for the Dominion Conference and after God's word given to us by Greg we knew for sure that something was about to break. Well it did!

On the Monday following the conference we got a call out of the "blue" - Maybe in God's timing not ours - and we got an offer on our house. A quick prayer and a bit of negotiation and the deal was done. New job better pay and a house sale!

Praise God and all He does for us - in His timing not ours.

Jenny and Graham

Wonderful Conference

What a blessing CI ministries had been in our life. Thanks to our amazing God and your wonderful conference I have a renewed spirit and I have gained so much wisdom to use in my every day life, as woman of God, wife and a mother


Thank you for inspiring me

Ali New Zealand

I thank you for inspiring us all here to reach new heights and new levels. I have recently suffered from severe depression where I knew what was going on but still didn't fully understand how to be in control and get in alignment with the Lord.

Thanks Greg for the word you preached on Friday and the shining beacon of hope you exampled, I have now gotten through my depression and have been refilled with a joy I have sorely missed. Julie your word on Sunday was pure brilliance. I was frustrated not knowing what God was doing but the revelation you brought made it so easy for me to understand. You filled my burning hunger and my desire and you showed me what a strong woman of God can truly do. Thank you both so much for helping me, inspiring me and challenging me.

Great Opportunity


I feel grateful to be here and learn from such experience.


Terry Tasmania

I had my socks blessed off not just from your preaching and input but by your openness and honesty in the Spirit. Thanks for being courageous for speaking the things I needed to hear. The personal prophecy was so much of an encouragement and a springboard for me to move more boldly in the Spirit.

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