Prophecy over Lifepointe06-Feb-2013

The prophecy over Lifepointe and our Connect Group in general was so powerful today! I have been feeling as if we as a group are about to breakthrough to a level above and beyond anything we can imagine and that we will usher in something HUGE in God's kingdom in the church. I feel it's something we all have to believe wholeheartedly. I know I do, and it gives me goosebumps even thinking about what is to come. Get ready guys cause I felt that the prophecy today was just reassuring what I, and I'm sure many of you, had already been feeling. I feel the worship team accelerating every week, I..

Pulse 1 Course06-Feb-2013

Hi Barb I was hugely impacted by your teaching and the activations we did as part of the Pulse 1 course. Thank you for giving up your time and energy to teach about Intercession. It is something I have known that God has called me to through prophetic words in the past and just the desires God has given me for prayer, but have not really known what to do about it. Along with some other books I have been reading lately, I know God is wanting me to learn more about intercession etc and to be equipped for where he is leading me next. I also bought some CD's and was especially enco..

Wonderful Conference06-Feb-2013

Hi barb, what a blessing CI ministries had been in our life, I would be honoured to come down and learn more from you all, thanks to our amazing God and your wonderful conference I have a new husband and a renewed spirit but I have gained so much wisdom to use in my every day life, as woman of God, wife and a mother,..


All I can say is WOW!!! I have typed my prophecy all out and prayed over it all together. This word was so accurate it was like he had known us personally for years.. Ben..

Miraculous Turn Around19-Jun-2012

Hi Barb. I just had to email you with an amazing testimony from Ben, who you know was in my Church and then went to Australia. He was always faithful in Church, he was also a consistent tither, even when it hurt him to do so. The night Barb last ministered at Rivers, she prophesied over Ben, before he went to Australia. She said that he would find it very hard when he went there, but if he continued to be faithful, he would prosper with employment etc. A couple of months ago, he rang me to say that everything in his life had hit rock bottom. He had not found work and all his money h..

Thank you for inspiring me06-Sep-2011

Dear Greg and Julie, I just wanted to thank you so much for how much you have touched my walk with God. I thank you for inspiring us all here to reach new heights and new levels. I have recently suffered from severe depression where I knew what was going on but still didn't fully understand how to be in control and get in alignment with the Lord. Thanks Greg for the word you preached on Friday and the shining beacon of hope you exampled, I have now gotten through my depression and have been refilled with a joy I have sorely missed. Julie your word on Sunday was pure brilliance...

Blessed by the Teachings11-Jul-2011

Dear Barb, It has been a couple of weeks now since the Pulse course prayer session. On behalf of my husband Tom & myself, I just wanted to also say thank you for imparting and investing into our lives as intercessors, prayers warriors and so on. We were very blessed by the teachings and a fresh touch from the Lord. The session also reminded me again that we are not to take this calling lightly and a great responsibility that we have to take on. I felt like the Lord was also speaking to me in other areas of my life as a intercessor. Thank you for allowing the Lord to give you amazing ..

Sincere Gratitude13-Jun-2011

Dear Greg and Julie, you have been on my heart a great deal lately, so I've decided to write you a letter to express my sincere gratitude. I am 56 years old and have been in Pentecostal churches most of my life and yet had never been ministered to through a prophetic word like you did. You said to listen to it and write it out so I did this on Sunday after church well I just wept and wept all that afternoon. I suddenly realised that the way God viewed me was oh so different to the way I viewed myself. I now believe in myself the way God believes in me. May God return this blessing to you ..


Dear Greg and Julie, I want to thank you for the blessing that you brought to all of us last weekend. I had my socks blessed off not just from your preaching and input but by your openness and honesty in the Spirit. Thanks for being courageous for speaking the things I needed to hear. The personal prophecy was so much of an encouragement and a springboard for me to move more boldly in the Spirit. Terry from Tasmania ..

God's Timing13-Oct-2010

When God does something in your life we need to give praise and thanks. Well Jenny and I have to give praise and thanks. We felt strongly drawn to ensure that we were in Brisbane for the Dominion Conference and after God's word given to us by Greg we knew for sure that something was about to break. Well it did! On the Monday following the conference we got a call out of the "blue" - Maybe in God's timing not ours - and we got an offer on our house. A quick prayer and a bit of negotiation and the deal was done. We are now in a position to keep our house in Ocean Grove. New job better ..

Restoration of the family16-Jun-2010

Dear Greg and Julie, I am writing to thank you for your prayers and share with you my news after coming to our church. Greg you prayed for salvation for my husband and son well two weeks later he gave his life to the Lord. We had been separated for three and a half years after he began to drink very heavily. After one of his weekend visits to see the children I told him if he wanted us all to live together he had to recommit his life to Jesus and ask forgiveness of his sons and he did. I thank you once again and I know with God in our lives we are both starting a new chapter. ..

Miracle Healing24-Nov-2009

I recently attended a course.”Hearing God’s Voice” with Greg and Julie. A word of knowledge was received for my left leg by a fellow participant. I mentioned I had a growth the size of a hazelnut on my left knee. Doctors said an operation to remove this growth would without a doubt damaged the sciatic nerve which would affect my foot function. Intermittently over the last five years I’ve experienced many days of excruciating pain. The fellow participant then prayed for God to bring healing to my knee. I didn’t think too much about it, and continued on wit..