Prophetic Training

Hearing God's Voice

Foundational Level

Laying the foundation for your prophetic future

This prophetic introductory course includes:

Teaching of sound biblical principles from Dr Bill Hamon’s "Ministering Spiritual Gifts" manual.

Learn to seek the Lord and to flow in the prophetic through demonstrations and activations.

Receive impartation through “Hands On” ministry.

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Prophets and Personal ProphecyProphets and Personal Prophecy By Dr. Bill Hamon

God's Prophetic Voice Today - Guidelines for receiving, understanding and fulfilling God's Personal Word to you.  

Prophetic Training

Hearing God's Voice

Intermediate Level

Be propelled into the NEXT LEVEL of your prophetic ministry

During this course you will be infused and saturated in the prophetic and apostolic anointing where you will grow in boldness and confidence.

With this next level of teaching comes a new level of activations that will be both stretching and exciting.

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Prophets and Prophetic MoveProphets and the Prophetic Movement By Dr. Bill Hamon

God's Prophetic Move Today - An overview of the current move of God, Its purpose and place in Church history and the truths and ministries being restored.  

Prophets and PitfallsProphets, Pitfalls, and Principles By Dr. Bill Hamon

God's Prophetic People Today - Pitfalls to avoid - Principles to practice - 10 M's for discerning true Prophets - Prophetic end-time events.  

Prophetic Training

Hearing God's Voice

Advanced Level

Get ready for a collision with your purpose and destiny

Experience an even greater level through an advanced training that equips you to tap into a deeper, more mature, more accurate flow of prophetic ministry.

Gain truth that is helpful in giving instruction and answering difficult questions that might arise while you are prophesying.

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Apostles PeophetsApostles Prophets & Coming Moves of God By Dr. Bill Hamon

God's End-Time Plans for His Church and Planet Earth. Understanding the role of the Apostle today.