Pulse Intercessory Internet Network

The Pulse Prayer Network Team is a united force praying for both local and Global issues. 

Our community, government, marketplace and nations need intercessors more than ever!

The Pulse Prayer Network Team operates and communicates via email.

THIS TEAM IS NOT A PRAYER CHAIN  that facility is already available within your local church. 

We are intercessors about God’s business and what He wants pertaining to the mentioned 7 points. 


Intercessory Points of Prayer

1. The pastors and their God given visions

That their God given vision for their ministry or church will reach its potential. Romans 13:1-2 

2. Family Unit

Praying for a release of unity within the family structure.

3. Body of Christ

Acceptance of every saint in every nation.

4. Schools, Colleges and Universities

Wisdom and guidance of all those in authority within the education system.

5. Local, State and Federal Governments

Praying for wisdom and guidance for leaders with in all Governments. We intercede and connect, united through Holy Spirit. We all know it is scriptural to pray for our leaders. 1Timothy 2:1-2

6. Judiciary System

Integrity for all persons within the Law Enforcement and Judicial systems. Titus 3:1-2 

7. Marketplace

Praying for an expansion of outreach into the marketplace.

Please pray about this opportunity

Global Information will be regularly emailed as prayer points to intercede into.  Your input would be invaluable. This is a new way of intercession. I am sure it will not only increase our growth and strength but the encouragement through other member’s prayer feed back will be invaluable.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the PIIN team contact Barb

please click here to contact us, 

Call office (07) 32191023 Monday and Wednesday 9.30am-3.30pm

Email us eaglenet@ciaustralia.com