In 1996 God began revealing many things to me. He did this by using past experiences and learning processes that He took me through. Because I have relied on what I have learnt, I have received victory in the battles I have fought and will continue to do so in the battles that still lie ahead. I would like to share with you two visions that I received from the Lord.

First Vision - Releasing and Healing of Intercessors

God showed me intercessors, throughout the world, locked away in small dingy cupboards with the openings covered by old curtains and cobwebs. The intercessors appeared to be cringing in the darkest corner of their cupboard.

I asked God “why?” He told me that many pastors and intercessors were hurt and wounded because of the intercessor’s lack of knowledge. In many cases the hurt and rejection opened up the door to mental and emotional pain becoming spiritually disabled.

My next question “How can these intercessors be released and healed?” God told me I had to call the intercessors forth so that they would choose to leave the so called safety of their cupboards, to rip the curtain and cobwebs away and to rise up.

God continued to show me that if we choose to stay in the past we are then robbed of our future. I knew God was talking to me about teaching and ministering healing to the intercessors so that they could become productive within their church fellowships. Also to teach the pastors, so that they are aware of the boundaries set for intercessors.

My heart’s desire is to see every intercessor healed and efficiently moving in the call God has placed upon them. Holy Spirit prompted me to call the intercessors to rise up out of their confined darkness and come back into the productive light. They rose up and took victory over all bondages to become the front line warriors that God had called them to be.

Second Vision - Networking of Intercessors

This vision was pertaining to the networking of intercessors, church to church, town to town, state to state and nation to nation. I sensed great excitement and expectancy when I saw that denomination and language were not a barrier.

I saw this exquisite piece of lace with no beginning, end or sides to it, Eph 3:18 . I knew it was like a master plan of sorts. The lace was a masterpiece without a flaw. The threads were strong as they interwove with others. They were woven into exactly the correct position which appeared to me like bridge building. Our intercession is the bridge builder. The threads in that lace are the intercessors connecting with one another world wide.

I carried the vision of the lace until August 2007. In the last session of “The Kingdom Dominion Conference”, held in August 2007 Apostle Leon Walters called forth the intercessors and charged them for a time such as this. During this time I birthed the vision that I had been carrying, patiently and obediently for eleven years. It is now time for intercessors to network globally. Apostolic/Prophetic intercession is the only way according to God’s way, to pray, to intercede, to warfare and to worship.

Barb Edwards

Barb shares about the vision she had for intercessors that lead her into the ministry of healing and training them.