Christian International Ministries Network is one of the largest and most influential Christian Ministry Networks throughout the world today. Christian International was founded by Dr Bill Hamon, an internationally renowned and respected minister who is an ordained Prophet and Apostle with more than 700 churches worldwide.

Christian International's goal is to set up headquarters on every continent from which ministry and training for the nations can be launched, as well as to provide legal covering for our churches and ministers. Christian International now stands on the threshold of realising its vision for the nations as headquarters are now established on five continents.

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Christian International Global Network a ministry of CIMN, is a Network of Ministers and Churches brought together by a common heart and vision. CIGN is committed to the growth and development of all five-fold ministers – Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, and Teacher; (Eph.4:11) to help bring about the full restoration of the Church (Acts 3:21) so that Christ Jesus can return.

CIGN provides a relationship for both ministers and churches to be established in present truth under true Apostle-Prophet anointing and accountability. Our goal as a Network in the Nations is to establish practices, principles, and truths of the Prophetic Apostolic Movement. This is being done with integrity and power of the Holy Spirit with strong godly relationships and submission to one another in love.

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Christian International Australia and New Zealand (CIANZ) is the official ministry headquarters of Christian International for the Asia Pacific region. Greg & Julie Bailey are the International Directors of Christian International and senior ministers and founders of EagleNet Ministries. Greg and Julie are ordained as Prophets and Apostles under Dr Bill Hamon and travel globally ministering in churches of many denominations.

As Directors of CIANZ, they oversee a growing network of churches and ministry leaders in the Australasian region. Bishop Bill Hamon is the spiritual Father and oversight for CI Eaglenet Australia & New Zealand while Greg and Julie provide direct oversight and leadership to the many pastors within their CIANZ network.