Barb Edwards is an Ordained Prophetess and Teacher with Christian International. She is also Associate Director of Christian International Eaglenet Ministries, personal Intercessor to Prophets Greg and Julie Bailey and Intercessor Watchman for the ministry.

God placed within her the desire to establish the Pulse Prayer Network with CI Eaglenet Ministries. He birthed a burning desire to see Intercessors healed and released. Barb teaches courses and seminars with keys and strategies so that Intercessors can function effectively within ministries. She travels nationally and internationally to churches who desire to have their intercessors taught and trained as front line warriors

Barb has setup an internet network, uniting Intercessors globally where they pray into National and International situations.

Barb lives in Brisbane Australia and has been blessed with 4 children, 8 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren.